What key intellectual property should a startup focus on gathering?

In order to gain capitalists' interest in the startup, what are the most important intellectual property to have with startup (among these: domain names, copyrights, patents, patents pending, trade secrets, trademarks)?But really, it's just all dependent on the type of business you're hoping to build.

Contract or Employ? [closed]

The advantage of contracting is that you're not stuck with a bad employee if you hire one.The advantage of employing is unusually large in my case since my "employees" will be presenting on camera a lot, and may become "known" to our customers.

Company Culture: Hierarchical organization versus self-organizing teams

Since company culture seems to be an essential part of success, I wanted to get some more input regarding a specific possibility: "self-organizing teams" (as used by Valve and described by Frederic Laloux in Reinventing Organizations).In my experience, "self-organizing teams" are very effective in small specialized organizations.

Starting to plan a business [closed]

To develop an idea for a business, there are some things that I must be aware of.Not all ideas can be formed into a good business, others they may required some work or refurbishment in order to business sense.

Business Proposal & Share of Profits

For many companies, each "layer" will be approximately one year long.There might be two founders, five early employees in layer 2, 25 employees in layer 3, and 200 employees in layer 4.

When is it appropriate to introduce new products?

If you are developing small utility types products then go for numerous, however as you will notice, most big companies all focussed on one product initially.Stick to one product with a main focus on solving a specific problem as best you can.