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Thought AWS RDS(MariaDb) ----- insert/update to say user table ---> AWS Kinesis stream -- using AWS Lambda--> AWS ES

Question How can I create a kinesis stream on insert/update to a specific table?Can I do it through AWS Lambda?

What is difference in AWS lambda and AWS lambda proxy?

but I am trying to pass and accept the parameters in AWS lambda proxy.I was able to do it in AWS lambda using body mapping template, Is there any way in which i can get the queryString we map in AWS lambda in Lambda proxy

If you are using Lambda Proxy, API Gateway maps the entire client request to the input event parameter of the backend lambda function as follows.

Lambda AWS - Exception

But I want to know if a unhandled exception should shut down my Lambda service.What AWS Lambda does when it encounters an exception depends on how it got invoked.

How is the callback function passed in aws lambda?

I thought lambda functions are automatically called in response to events

AWS Lambda is not only called by automatic events.You can also place an AWS API Gateway in front of a Lambda function which would then use the response from the Lambda function to generate the API response.

AWS Lambda for IoT

So, I am thinking of using AWS Lambda and move all the business logic from the EC2 instance to lambda.Under advance settings of my lambda function I can set the memory allocation for my Lambda function.