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Should we say less or fewer “fruit and vegetables”?

We say "less fruit", because fruit is uncountable in this sentence, and "fewer vegetables" because vegetables is countable.When fruit and vegetables are combined, the rule of proximity tells us that the word nearest to less / fewer determines which form we should use.

Zero article after “of” in “a change of place”

The terms "a countable noun" or "an uncountable noun" don't work well applied to given words, but rather to given uses.Likewise "instead of pears" would also have been valid, referring to the fruit as individual, countable items, rather than as a substance.

Uncountable nouns

When is it possible to use an indefinite article before uncountable nouns?Some mass nouns are also count nouns.

Soaking fruit in alcohol

The taste of the fruit will start to change after only a few hours (think of soaking fruit for a punch), from then the extraction of fruit flavours into the alcohol continues.A good middle ground is usually reached after two (soft fruit) to eight (harder fruit) weeks.

How do you prepare Jello with fruit pieces?

I would like to make individual containers of Jello with fruit pieces, but the fruit always sinks to the bottom,is there a way to prevent this?The only trick I know is to let it start to firm up before mixing in the fruit.