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Ways to connect mongodb to grafana

My question is different ways to connect mongodb with grafana

Link for reference?Right now grafana doesn't support MongoDB as a data source Using mongoDB as back-end repository

But they offer a workaround grafana simple json data source

No response from Grafana via AJAX

I have Grafana set up in a Docker container (grafana/grafana image from Docker repo) with port 3000 forwarded to my localhost.1'
image: grafana/grafana
- 3000:3000

Originally I also have link to Graphite and some volumes and environment configuration (GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD only) but I suppose it does not matter.

Recover configuration of Grafana-docker persistent volume?

I did a Grafana-docker deployment with persistent storage as said in their GitHub for doing tests for my company.I would recommend the following solution:

$ docker volume create grafana-storage

$ docker volume ls
local grafana-storage

This is created in /var/lib/docker/volumes/grafana-storage on UNIX.

Integration of Granfana into React Web Application

I want to integrate grafana into my react web application for analytics purpose.I want something through which I can redirect to grafana dashboard with credentials by surpassing the grafana login page , means direct dashboard page should be displayed of logged in user of grafana.