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SSL certificates within an orgnanization

I would like to know how CA signed SSL certificates are used within an organization for inter-service/apps communication (All apps internal to the org)

Lets say app ABC has generated a cert and has chained it with its company's CA signed cert.Now another app XYZ would like to use ABC's restful service over HTTPS.

aria2c: failed to load trusted CA certificates

I encountered a very strange problem with aria2c command.When I type the following command:

aria2c -x5 -m60 url-path --ca-certificate --check-certificate

in a remote AWS machine, it failes with the following error:

09/27 08:56:36 [ERROR] Failed to load trusted CA certificates from

CertSrv is requesting certificates with FQDN but not with Server IP

We have webserver where certificate Authority webenrollment role installed and it is pointing to Issuing CA

When ever we try htps://webservername/certsrv then I can able to request certificates

but when I try htps://webserver<Ip Address>/certsrv then in the last step while requesting certificate the following error appears.can anyone help to resolve this

Let the App in Android do the HTTPs CA signature verification

In a recent discussion with colleague we analysed the implications of letting the default Android's system validation of CA signed TLS certificates from a known CAs like Verising, Comodo, etc.A possible proposed solution to this was implementing Certificate validation in the app itself, having a list (which would in theory be much narrower considering that the app developer knows which certificates he'll be using) of Root CA Certificates in the app and let the app do the verification.