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Get xterm to notify me when nothing's happening

Recently I found myself several times in situations where I need to let run some operation in some background xterm and I'd need to be notified when my input is requested.I know how to make it so I'm notified when the command ends, but that doesn't help in the cases where the command is not 100% batch (it puts up a prompt every now and then; a common example would be apt-get) or where the command hangs (because of some network failure, for example).

ncurses in urxvt does not print repeating characters

For example I expect "--------" but I get "-".h>

int main(){
printw("------\n"); // (1) 6 '-' chars urxvt: "------" xterm: "------"
printw("-------\n"); // (2) 7 '-' chars urxvt: "-" xterm: "-------"
printw("--------\n"); // (3) 8 '-' chars urxvt: "-" xterm: "--------"
printw("0--------0\n"); // (4) 8 '-' between '0' urxvt: "0-0" xterm: "0--------0"
printw("xxxxxxxx\n"); // (5) Replacing '-' with 'x' does not make a difference.

Open Multiple XTerm Windows Simultaniously

I am working on a Raspberry Pi powered Magic Mirror project and to start the program I execute a shell script that runs in the background continuously.To make the AI part of my project work I need to open a second shell script in the background that also runs continuously.

Different nCurses behaviours with different terminals

I obtain two different behaviours using different terminals, this is my code:

(use ncurses)

(curs_set 0)

(define win (newwin 20 50 1 1))

(wclear win)

(box win 0 0)
(for-each (lambda (y)
(for-each (lambda (x)
(mvwaddch win y x #\.However, I get the correct behaviour (a boxed window) if I use xterm, uxterm or the linux terminal you can enter with CTRL-ALT-F1.

Execute multiple CLI commands via ssh2_exec in the same shell

In order to do so here's how I went about it:

Create an interactive shell

$shell = ssh2_shell($connection, 'xterm', NULL, 400, 400, SSH2_TERM_UNIT_CHARS)

Execute your first command

fwrite($shell, 'command 1'.PHP_EOL); // Don't forget PHP_EOL => /n

Wait for the whole stream

stream_set_blocking($shell, TRUE);

Run your second command

fwrite($shell, 'command 2'.

xterm's are being closed while debugging an MPI application

I have a problem debugging MPI application with lldb.Essentially, i attach it to every process via

mpirun_lldb() {
mpirun --mca orte_base_help_aggregate 0 --mca mpi_abort_print_stack 1 -np $1 xterm -hold -e lldb -f $2 -- "${@:3}"

but at some point MPI_Abort happens and all xterm windows are being closed immediately and I can't even read the stack, leave alone debugging and inspecting variables:

MPI_ABORT was invoked on rank 2 in communicator MPI_COMM_WORLD
with errorcode 255.

Send echo command to an external xTerm

I have a bash script, and I want to be able to keep a log in an xterm, and be able to send echo to it anytime.I managed to make a console by running an xterm with a while loop clearing the screen, reading the contents of the log file, pauseing for a second, then looping again.

How to determine if Edwin is running inside an X window or a console?

A little background:
To customize the size and position of the X window that Edwin uses, I have the following settings in my.However, when using these same settings in console mode started using DISPLAY= scheme -edit or using the REPL (edit 'console), I get an error:

Evaluation error:
The object #[termcap-description 13], passed as the first argument to\
xterm-set-size, is not the correct type.