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What are the last 10 digits of 9,999,998²? - Updated

We know that [math]9,999,998^2[/math] can be rewritten as [math](10^7-2)^2[/math], which can be expanded as [math]10^{14} - 4 \cdot 10^7 + 4[/math].Computing, we have [math]99,999,960,000,004[/math], so the last ten digits are [math]9960000004[/math].

How to help a friend to find the man of her life - Updated 2018

I don’t really agree with not looking or even thinking about it and just living your life as the other person who answers you said.If your friend is looking for the man of her life, maybe she should start thinking about what she wants from life, a man, should he be in her life with her and lastly, is it the kind of long term companionship thing that she’s after?

When using a moving company to move across the country and they lose your things, where does it really go? When your boxes come smashed to smithereens, what really happened other than the famous excuse they shifted during transit? - Updated 2018

If something is missing from your packing items, then there is high possibility that moving company has stolen your stuffs.And generally, it happens when you have a long drive moving and all yours stuffs are loaded in a truck.