What are the downsides of changing my Startup's name after a few months?

Say I launch a startup, and after a few months, with quite a good amount of user activity, I change the name of the startup to something I find more relevant or suitable.- it will impact everything that uses your address
- email addresses (as you probably change your domain name)
- contact your suppliers, your bank, your lawyer,.

How to match company/team structure with product or service you want to provide

I was wondering if there is a much simpler way to look at it in terms of the type of team/structure you need depending on the product or service you want to provide.For example, looking at KickStarter projects, there is sometimes a link between the type of project, the funds requested and the delivery time, and I assume this would be related to the team structure in some way?

Dividing profits amongst developers and designers

If I have a startup that produces apps, is there a clean way of dividing profits gained from each app amongst only the developers that worked on it?For related meta discussion, see How should we handle questions that were previously answered on a StackExchange "startups" site?

Starting employees in new startup

I'm trying to start my own startup (a technology one) with a few associates and we've gotten stuck when choosing which employees we'll need in order to run the startup.SaaS or Enterprise, there is one uber critical role you missed that I keep seeing startups miss continuously.

Startup with Mailing Address in a different state

My company is registered in the state of Pennsylvania in the US and I plan to open a Post Office box for my company in the state of New York.Will this count as physical presence in New York for the purposes of taxes?

Is my LLC required to have a registered agent?

After registering my small LLC, I signed up for a registered agent service because it is required for businesses in New Hampshire.I later heard that a member or manager of an LLC can also serve as a registered agent.

Can young people start-up?

What are the problems that young people like me can face for an internet-based venture, and how do we tackle them?Finances are tough for any startup, and I imagine you're no better.

How essential is it for (first) employees to get some share of the company?

When trying to found a startup where the goal is not an early exit, but the creation of a lasting company: How essential is it for (especially first) employees to get some share of the company?There are a number of reasons why one might consider sharing the ownership of one's business with others:

as exchange for something that you need (e.

How long should my business plan be? [closed]

In short, for my very first business plan which I primarily need for targeting funds, is it better to write long and detailed one or short one which doesn't provide so much insight informations about startup, but it's much easier to read.If you are trying to acquire funds, I would recommend to make a) a very detailed business plan with - if possible - an outlook on the next five years and additionally a visually appealing but not overloaded PowerPoint presentation which you publish as PDF.

How to decide my salary as an owner

Lets say I own a startup with a handful of employees that is making $6,000,000 a year while only costing $1,000,000, therefore it is drowning in cash.It's difficult to answer this without knowing the legal details of the company (which don't exist anyway.