4 items failed with the test of https://2018-dot-qual-e.appspot.com in cobalt RC_11 11.99532

We tested the https://2018-dot-qual-e.appspot.com with cobalt rc_11 11.99532 qa version on arm-linux platform, but the following 4 items would fail, could anyone help to have a look?

1. Conformance -> Functionality & MSE/EME  
1.1 Item 'CSP script-src url/CSP Level 2' would fail;
1.2 Item 'script-src nonce' would fail;

2. WebP -> Animated WebP
2.1 GIF has no animation, but it has animation on windows chrome;

3. ETC -> Cookies
3.1 The cookies can not be cleared, but it can be cleared on windows chrome;