Autodesk Forge WorkItem API: Error: Output is missing [result.pdf]

I'm using autodesk Design Automation API to convert DGW to PDF. In Job output file i get this:

[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Command: -export Enter file format [Dwf/dwfX/Pdf] <dwfX>_pdf Enter plot area [Current layout/All layouts]<Current Layout>: _all
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Enter file name <visualization_condominium_with_skylight-Layout1.pdf>: result.pdf
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] There were no plottable sheets in the current operation.
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Command: _.quit
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Process exit code: 0
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] End AutoCAD Core Console output
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] End script phase.
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Start upload phase.
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Error: Output is missing [result.pdf].
[10/09/2017 03:01:35] Error: An unexpected error happened during phase Publishing of job.