Common situations/usage where you utilize TFS?

So in my team's current situation, we are using TortoiseSVN for versioning, and we are using VS2010 for developing MFC projects. In my previous job, I was also in a team where we use VS2010 and we use TFS instead. But my only knowledge on the use of TFS is versioning. When I try to search about other uses of TFS, I always see "work items" which I can't quite imagine because I haven't seen it used yet, and in our company, the use of internet is very limited, like I can't just login anywhere or else I will be asked why do I need to use this etc etc.

Since in every google search I did, I saw that most people say that you should use TFS over any other versioning if you are working on Visual Studio, so I'm hoping to relay the use of TFS to my team, but I don't have any "example" that I can show them and that will make them realize its benefits over SVN. Rather, I already anticipated that they'll say "SVN is offline and TFS needs internet connection". So my question is:

  1. Can you enumerate example situations where TFS functions other than versioning is used? If possible can you point me to some sample images?
  2. Is it possible to use VS2010 and use newer versions of TFS? What are the things we'll not be able to do if we don't use a newer/latest Visual Studio? Note: VS2010 is the only edition of Visual Studio that is being used by members of our team.
  3. Also, I've been seeing "VSTS" in my searches. Can I also access it if I access the TFS project site "" where I normally access TFS projects?

I've been searching but I have very limited time on this. Thanks in advance!