How to integrate Python code with UIMA framework?

I am considering 3 methods to integrate Python code with UIMA framework. But have some question about each of them.

  1. UIMACPP. It is suggested by UIMA official document. But I noticed that it was only test in python 2.4 while my code is written in python 2.7. Is there any new version of UIMACPP? Or is there any other method provided by the UIMA framework?
  2. Jython. As my code import extensions written in C (e.g. NumPy), this interpreter seems not work. I also found JyNI, but some people suggest that it is not mature enough to support NumPy as long as it is still in alpha-state...Is there any other interpreter can integrate python code with java framework?
  3. REST API. Create a light-weight REST API over Python code. Then call the REST API in the UIMA annotator. I am wondering how to submit the input to the API and how to call the API to collect the out put via UIMA annotator.Is this method possible to solve the problem and how do I do it?