How to save workbook with computed values, not formulas?

I'm using Python 3.6, xlwings 0.11.4 and Excel 2016 on Windows 10. I'd like to load and save a copy of a workbook with data computed by formulas, not the formulas. E.g. if test.xlsx contained =1+1 in cell A1, copy.xlsx should contain 2 in cell A1.

import xlwings
wb = xlwings.Book('test.xlsx')'copy.xlsx')  # Something like break_links or data_only=True?

I can do this with openpyxl using data_only, but unfortunately openpyxl does not support image loading which is a requirement in my current project.

I know it's possible to manually read and set every computed value, but I'm looking for a built-in / quick way to 'break formula links' automatically on save. Thanks