Make array exist if not in

Can someone help me to solved my issue array in php

i have array from db : BRNCD(keydt) - (value) 310 CUSTNO(keydt) - (value) 000001 TIPE(keydt) - (value) P FULLNM(keydt) - (value) SITI HASANAH SHORTNM(keydt) - (value) FRON_TL(keydt) - (value) END_TL(keydt) - (value) FADR1(keydt) - (value) PERUM SAUNG GINTUNG BLOK J NO FADR2(keydt) - (value) 4 5 RT 002 RW 006 CIREUNGDEU FADR3(keydt) - (value) TANGERANG SELATAN 1 FPSTCD(keydt) - (value) 15419 KODEAREA(keydt) - (value) FTELPNO1(keydt) - (value) 081905670220

but i want take array with my format

 $coloumn = array ('flag_detail','basic_information_id','BRNCD','CUSTNO','TIPE','FULLNM','SHORTNM','SEX','BRTPLC','BRTHDT','citizenship_code','IDTYPE1','IDNO1','IDNODT1','NPWPNO','EDU','MRGSTAT','MOTHNM','COUNTRY','TERKAIT','FPSTCD','FADR1','FADR2','FADR3','SPSTCD','SADR1','SADR2','SADR3','FTELPNO1','FTELPNO2','FTELPNO3');

coloumn flag_detail,basic_information_id,citizenship_code this is new format array i want and not exist array in db.

i have tried in_array but coloumn flag_detail,basic_information_id,citizenship_code not exist when i print $fx_col

$fx_col  = (in_array($keydt,$coloumn))?$value:'';