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What are the development tools on the Mac?

Are there any development tools like NetBeans or Eclipse on OS X that I can use to write an application?If you want use NetBeans and Eclipse on your Mac, you can download them, too, because they have OS X distributions.

Should I jailbreak my iPad?

What I'd like to get from you guys is your favorite pros and cons for jailbreaking an iPad remove minor annoyances and trick out your iPad


you will definitely be unable to upgrade to new versions of the OS without having to re-jailbreak
your iPad may be less stable
you can't bring your iPad in for warranty service without undoing the jailbreak
time & energy: researching and performing the jailbreak, finding/installing non-App Store apps, keeping abreast of the latest jailbreak status in the face of updates, etc.

Speed up iPhone SMS app

I found that after some weeks of usage, my SMS app on a iPhone 3G (iOS 3.On all other cellphones I had, you had to delete old messages because of memory constrains and to make the app work better.

BBM-like iPhone app?

I keep hearing all this hoopla about BBM (Blackberry Messenger) and I want in on the fun.Is there anything similar to BBM out there for the iPhone?

Why can't I add or edit contacts on my new iPhone 4?

On my new iPhone 4, I can add a new contact after talking to them (Add as new contact) but I cannot otherwise add new contacts, or edit existing ones.You can use the Contacts application provided in the iPhone 4, and create/edit contacts in there.