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How can I increase battery life with iOS 4?

Since I upgraded to iOS 4 on my iPod touch second generation my battery life is draining very fast.Once off, press and hold the top button to turn it back on)
Turn off Bluetooth (Settings > General > Bluetooth) if you're not using it.

How do I convert video for an iPad?

I need to convert some of my movies and other videos for the iPad and I am wondering what solutions are available for this.Here is a blog post with some good info on settings to use for iPad rips/conversions.

How do I erase an iPhone?

To erase everything and restore the iPhone to the factory state, go into Settings, then General, then Reset.Press "Erase All Content and Settings".

Where can I get a case that is also a battery for the iPhone 4?

I have seen ones for previous versions of the iPhone - is there one for the new iPhone though?Not yet, but I found a couple that are soon to be released:

iPhone 4 Fuel Max
EXOGEAR iPhone Battery Case

I've been very pleased with my mophie "juice pack" for my first-generation iPhone and the "juice pack air" for my 3GS.

mid 2009 iPod Touch not downloading from the app store

0 came out (even before I installed it) my iPod Touch no longer downloads apps from the appstore.The appstore itself loads (slowly) but when I try to buy something, it just takes unbelievably long and then doesn't even ask me for my password 9/10 times.

iPad with retina display? [closed]

I'm about to buy an iPad, but I don't want to, if in 6 months, the new version has cooler features like retina display.You can decide whether you start with version one or two: I had same dilema with iPhone: I skipped the version one, bought 3G, skipped 3GS and now considering getting iPhone 4 when it arrives to Canada.

Can you sync computer with iPhone?

When having one computer, it works great syncing your iphone with it, to get your stuff on the iPhone.However, having two computers, one at work and one at home, I wonder if it's possible to have a relationship like this:

Computer 1 > iPhone > Computer 2

instead of the two computers battling against each other and removing files etc they don't have?