Add an image as an accessory in your UITableView in Swift 3

In my project, I show a UITableView, which currently has text describing a show's name and genre loading from a remote JSON file.

That all works. What I want next is to use the URL from the JSON file and load a thumbnail next to each show.

Using a tutorial, I have added a function to download the remote image with a print to test if it's successful.

if let shows_list = json as? NSArray
    for i in 0 ..< data_list.count
        if let shows_obj = shows_list[i] as? NSDictionary
            let show_name = shows_obj["show"] as? String
            let show_genre = shows_obj["genre"] as? String
            let show_image = shows_obj["thumbnail"] as? String
            TableData.append(show_name! + " | " + show_genre!)

            let testPictureURL = URL(string: show_image!)!

            let session = URLSession(configuration: .default)

            // Here's the download task where I'm grabbing the image
            let downloadPicTask = session.dataTask(with: testPictureURL) { (data, response, error) in
                // The download has finished.
                if let e = error {
                    print("Error downloading cat picture: \(e)")
                } else {
                    // No errors found.
                    if let res = response as? HTTPURLResponse {
                        print("Downloaded picture with response code \(res.statusCode)")
                        if let imageData = data {
                            // Now I know I have data, so I think I can use UIImage to convert it into an image 
                            let image = UIImage(data: imageData)

                        } else {
                            print("Couldn't get image: Image is nil")
                    } else {
                        print("Couldn't get response code for some reason")

There are three items in the JSON array, and I get three printed statements that the picture was download: but the image does not appear.

My theory: since this is a table, maybe I have to add this as an accessory, but there isn't an image accessory subclass.

I am new to Swift -- do you have any ideas about how I should append this uploaded image to the table.