Unbiased estimation of covariance matrix for multiply censored data

As another example, sometimes the presence of a compound can alter the response of the test to other compounds (a "matrix interference"); when this is detected by the laboratory, it will inflate its reporting limits accordingly.(By "practical" I mean a method that can reliably be coded in at least one generally available software environment like R, Python, SAS, etc.

Using bootstrap for glm coefficients variance estimation (in R)

I am fitting a GLM model (in R), and would like to get an estimation of the variability of the coefficients estimated by the model.Am I correct that an easy way to do this is by using the boot command from the boot package, then output the coefficients at each simulation, and at the end calculate their var?

Visualizing standard deviation on a Cartesian plot

I came across an example where standard deviation was being plotted on a Cartesian plot (standard 2D with X and Y axes.)

This seems like a valid thing to do but in this case the example only had a single line running across the graph to "indicate" standard deviation.

What are correct values for precision and recall in edge cases?

Precision is defined as:

p = true positives / (true positives + false positives)

Is it correct that, as true positives and false positives approach 0, the precision approaches 1?Same question for recall:

r = true positives / (true positives + false negatives)

I am currently implementing a statistical test where I need to calculate these values, and sometimes it happens that the denominator is 0, and I am wondering which value to return for this case.

Significant Difference between two network graphs

The poission distribution is used to model arrivals in a system over time and thus may work well for network flows.)

Step 2: Identify a testing strategy which would let you ascertain the strength of evidence for your null model.

Statistics/Probability Videos for Beginners

There was already a request for Mathematical Statistics Videos, but it explicitly asked from people for

videos that provide a rigorous
mathematical presentation of series of short videos on introductory statistics

Comparing two genetic algorithms

I have 20 runs with the same configuration for each of the two algorithms, using different initial random number seeds.In your case, you are comparing two simulators so you should just use a two-sampled t-test instead.

How to summarize categorical data?

I need to summarize the responses to a survey (for management).All answers are categorical (on an ordinal scale, they are like "not at all", "rarely".