Results for query "“we estimate that there have probably now been at least 1,000 adoptions by lesbians or gays in this country,” said solicitor gill butler, a british adoption"

A term for adoption of a made up term

Is there a term for the acceptance of a made up term that then became the name of the object/idea/action once it was invented?It was first used by William Gibson in his cyberpunk novels, but when actually invented, it now is widely used across the world (or at least across the United States).

Conveyancing Solicitor problems UK

He said that the money £247,000 from the sale would be in our bank account within the day which was Friday 23rd of May.I contacted the solicitor’s ‘accounts dept’, they said the funds had been transferred so we waited until the Wednesday, unfortunately the money wasn’t there.

How to deal with adoptions given the changes made to some records?

In Brazil, when some adoption is authorized by the Justice, it's possible to change the records of the child so the adoptive parents are reported as the parents, leaving no trace of the biological parents.The adoptive parents of a child may take over the legal responsibilities of the birth parents but the biological (or genetic) connection remains.

Where are Illinois County Court records archived?

According to the Illinois State Genealogical Society newsletter, between 1867 and 1964, adoptions were handled by the County Courts, which were abolished in 1964.Where does one look now for adoption court files for cases that were handled by these courts?

Animals that live in the country

I am creating a vocabulary worksheet about the British countryside with its natural and typical features, and I'm stuck on how best to classify the animals living wild in the country.Should I call them:

Woodland creatures (or animals)
Forest creatures (or animals)
Country animals
Countryside animals
Animals in the woods/woodland/country/forest
Wood animals (the least convincing of the lot because it sounds as if the animals are made of wood, but I include this option too)

Or do I simply call these animals wildlife?

Is “in one go” British English or just English?

An American English speaker said that because the poster wrote "in one go" (meaning "in one sitting"), they were probably British or European as that's not an American expression.But the Oxford Learners Dictionaries' definition does not mention "in one go" being British English despite saying that several of the other expressions on that page are British.

British acting stock company

Country: UK
Year: probably 1980s
Plot: Set in a regional stock company.There's an affair between a stage-struck young woman and a director or a leading man.