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AS/400 Using Replace

I tried to replace character at AS/400 Database using REPLACE() statement
but it's give me error like this

Coded Character Set Identifier 65535 not valid.This is my sample code

UPDATE MyTable SET MyField=REPLACE('Data/','/','-')

Is any other way to replace string or character at AS/400

editing password; status 400

Please, I need help ;
in my ios app, user can create an account by editing a password;
but when this happens I am getting HTTP status 400
I am trying to post the data on the server which asks for JSON format
Here's what I am doing

NSLog(@"user_id: %@", user_id);

NSString *oldPassword = self.txt_mdpss.

I've distributed a total of 400 flyers today

I've distributed a total of 400 flyers today.If you're talking to someone over a drink in the evening once you're done with that day's work, the simple past might be more appropriate (even if you intend to do the same thing again tomorrow):

I distributed a total of 400 flyers today.

What's wrong with the integration?

There is an integral of a function


And I found the integration of


is totally different from


, which I think are




respectively.I think


should be equal to


so does their integral.