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how to change the chapter number in InDesign CS6

I have purchased an InDesign template, complete with text, headings, and chapter numbers.I have deleted chapters 2 - 8, and now I want to rename the text Chapter IX to Chapter II, but the text is not editable - it looks like it is a predefined section.

Applications of the Weak and Weak$^*$ topologies to PDEs?

Chapter $3$ of Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations by Haim Brezis constructs and explains the Weak and Weak$^*$ topologies over a Banach Space $E$.The most remarkable result of these topologies is the Banach-Alaoglu-Bourbaki, which asserts that for the weak$^*$ topology (Over $E^*$), the unit ball: $$B_{E^*}=\{f \in E^* | \ ||f|| \leq 1 \}$$ is compact.

Bourbaki exercise on intransitive relations

This the exercise 10 of chapter 2 of Bourbaki "Théorie des ensembles", whose intention is to generalize the correspondence between equivalence relations and partitions.3) For distinct elements $a$ and $b$ of $X$ such that $aRb$, we define $C(a,b)=\{x\in X:(aRx\wedge bRx)\}$.

Spivak calculus chapter 3 problem 6 function

I am still working on Spivak calculus and at problem 6 of the third chapter, I came across an exercise that has been confusing me for a couple hours.I understand the solution (well, I understand how I got there but I have no idea what my solution represents).

Baby Rudin Chapter 1 Problem 16

I am attempting to self-study through Baby Rudin and I have done every exercise in chapter 1 except for problem 16.Every solution I find on the internet for this problem uses theorems from linear algebra which I have no background in.