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MT4 C++ Manager With C#

I am looking to use MT4 manager API in C#.The DLL provided by MT4 is in C++ and I have very little knowledge of C++ hence could not find on how to use C++ dll with C#.

C# in the key signature

I am looking at a piece of music and there is a C# in the key signature.I know that in a C# key signature the C on the A string is a C# but I want to know if the C on the G string is a C# as well.

Combinatorial counting with symmetry

With $A=\{a,b,c\}$, for example, $[(a,b,c), (a,b,c), (b,c,a)]$ is a valid outcome.For example, $[(a,b,c), (a,b,c), (b,c,a)]$ would be identical to $[(b,c,a), (a,b,c), (a,b,c)]$.