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Butler is to Jeeves as Maid is to

I'm trying to see if there a term for a maid that equates to the use of the word Jeeves for a butler.It is an if, I'm not sure there is one, after Jeeves is only the joking name for a butler due to the Jeeves and Wooster books (as far as I know it).

Gill or Branchia

I was wondering which one would be more common or casual in English speech (say, in the US), and if it's a commonly known word.Most Americans who would understand that word (Branchia) would more likely associate it with a region of the (human/mammalian) body than with gills.

How well known is the word “butler”? [closed]

I'm about to launch a new web service, and currently we're still looking for a name.I thought it would be nice to call it a "digital butler" - my collaborator from Dubai, however, pointed out, that a big part of the world does not know the world "butler".

What are the differences between Gill Sans Nova and Gill Sans MT?

I was surprised to not be able to find any clear explanation of how Gill Sans Nova improves on Monotype's earlier Gill Sans MT, beyond adding some variants:.Known improvements of Gill Sans Nova compared to Gill Sans (MT):

Expands the Gill Sans family from 18 to 43 fonts (including weights that haven't been digitized before and new weights drawn by George Ryan).

Which cut of Gill Sans is it that is included on a Mac?

All I'm able to discern for certain is that Gill Sans (Mac) and Gill Sans MT aren't identical - at regular weight, they're almost identical (tiny, tiny differences in aliasing but no significant differences), but Gill Sans Bold as bundled with a Mac and in MT version are simply very different weights.So, which cut of Gill Sans is it that comes with Mac OSX?

How long was Yosef in prison?

We also know that this was two years after he, in prison, interpreted the dreams of the butler and baker.So how old was Yosef when Potiphar's wife accused him and he got sent to prison?

Sound inconsistency in Finding Nemo

When Nemo does his 2nd attempt at blocking the fish tank cleaning fan, there is a sound inconsistency.So why does the fan make the jamming sound when Gill and Folk shove the stem of the plant into the tube when it's already stationary?