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Reset radial blur to center

I recently changed the radial blur center to a corner and I would like to set it back to default (in the center).Is there any keyboard shortcut?

How to center group based on one member?

I want to center this group, so that the circle will centered in a page and the line will maintain its relative position to the circle.Currently when I center the group Inkscape uses the group center not the circle center.

'A center of' or 'a center for'?

Here is an Ngram that contrasts the usage of center of excellence vs center for excellence.Near as I can tell, the Wikipedia definition of center of excellence would apply to a center for excellence.

What is the “visual center” of an image?

Where is the visual center in an image, why is it important, and how could it be used in photography?com/articles/principles_of_design/

Visual Center

The visual center of any page is just slightly above
and to the right of the actual (mathematical) center.

Center of mass of a pyramid

The summit of the pyramid is A, the four corners of the base are BCDE, the center of mass is o and the center of the base H.I used the fact that the center of mass is the center of the sphere going through all summits of the pyramid.