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Alternatives to twist-off

And grammatically prone to nitpickiness makes me wonder if it's correct to spell the term hyphenated, "twist-off" or unhyphenated "twist off".The traditional bottle cap is simple known as a crown cap or crown cork, and there was a time when simply saying bottle cap indicated a crown cap which invariably required a church key or similar tool to remove.

Job title + possessive case [duplicate]

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“The queen of England's crown” or “The queen's of England crown”?[duplicate]

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"Swiss mathematician and physicist Leonhard Euler's contribution to number theory was [.

“Golden crown” vs. “gold crown”

In case of the need to describe the color of a crown which is shown as part of an image, which is correct: a golden crown, or a gold crown?The Corpus of Contemporary American English has 35 records for gold crown and 29 for golden crown.

Bipartite dimension of an almost crown graph

A crown graph is a complete bipartite graph from which a perfect matching has been removed.The bipartite dimension of a graph is the minimum number of complete bipartite subgraphs needed to cover all the edges of the graph.