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Delete Existing Files PHP

I'm using a JS file uploader which comes with a php handler.I've got it all working and uploading to the right folders, however I want to add some code to delete any existing files/folders within the upload folder and replace with the newly uploaded one.

Fineuploader: How to replace previously uploaded file?

I want to make a single image uploader using Fineuploader.What I want is: Beacause the max number is 1, after user uploads a file, if he wants to upload a new one, instead of having to click the delete button to upload a new one, the uploader can automatically delete the previous file and allow the new one be uploaded.

Delete a file uploaded in Google App Engine


How can I use deleteImageServingUrl to delete an uploaded file from the GAE.if (getenv('APP_ENGINE_ENVIRONMENT') == 'PRODUCTION') {
} else {
$bucket = getenv('TESTING_UPLOAD_BUCKET_NAME');
$root_path = 'gs://'.