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Holding two UIPanGestureRecognizer

For example if user swipes view vertically it triggers one action and if user swipes view horizontally it triggers another action.I don't know how to implement this correctly so I'm thinking of attaching two UIPanGestureRecognizers to my view.

Delphi compatibility issue

There seems to be a compatibility issue between Delphi 10 Seattle and Delphi 2010

I've written a school project using Delphi 10 Seattle but my teacher still uses Delphi 2010.When I transferred and opened the source code in Delphi 2010 it gave errors.

Swipes generating on click on popup controls Firemonkey Delphi

I have a tabbed android application which I am using the swipe left and swipe right gesture to transition between tab pages ala most android apps.I have tried a number of things:

I can intercept the on_click event and enable and disable the popup, but I am unable at that time to detect that the click was part of a swipe gesture.