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Synonyms for “tête-à-tête”

I'm looking for single word synonyms for tête-à-tête, which express the idea of a private and intimate conversation.Aside from the entries found in the thesaurus, I might suggest:


Even though face-to-face is often used as an adjective (as in face-to-face meeting, face-to-face interview, or face-to-face instruction), face-to-face can also be used as a noun, meaning, well, tête-à-tête.

OpenGL intersection between vector and face

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the question in another form:
if I know x and z of a point over a triangle in the 3D space how can I know it y if it is a point in the triangle?the Möller–Trumbore intersection algorithm

this is the implementation:

bool EngineItem::checkIntersection(glm::vec3& rayOrigin, glm::vec3& rayVector, Face& face, glm::vec3& point) {
const float EPSILON = 0.

Burying face down in Judaism

I understand in other cultures burying face down is a sign of disgrace and is generally frowned upon.If a body is buried face down for whatever reason should it be exhumed and buried face up?

A question on the secondary fan

I am studying the secondary fan decomposition of the effective cone of a projective variety $X$.It seems to me that the curves that are contracted when we meet a face are the curves having non positive intersection with any divisor in that face.

Polyhedral embeddings of large face-width where all faces have the same length

Where can I find examples of polyhedral embeddings of simple graph with large face-width, such that all the faces have the same length?By polyhedral embedding I mean an embedding of the graph on a closed 2-dimensional surface, where the boundaries of all the faces are simple cycles, and the intersection of any two faces is either empty, a vertex, or an edge.

A question on PL-topology and polytopal complex

Definitions for this question:

Polytopal complex is a finite nonempty collection of convex polytopes in $\mathbb{R}^d$ that contains all faces of its polytopes, and such that the intersection of two of its polytopes is a face of each of them.A complex $C$ is pure if each of its faces is contained in a face of dimension $dim(C)$.

simplicial complex definition

The simplicial complex is defined as:A simplicial complex ${\mathcal {K}}$ is a set of simplices that satisfies the following conditions:

Any face of a simplex from ${\displaystyle {\mathcal {K}}}$ is also in ${\mathcal {K}}$.The intersection of any two simplices ${\displaystyle \sigma _{1},\sigma _{2}\in {\mathcal {K}}}$ is either ${\displaystyle \emptyset }$ or a face of both ${\displaystyle \sigma _{1}}$ and ${\displaystyle \sigma _{2}}$.