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Force Index disadvantages

I am using FORCE INDEX.But i just wanted to know what are the disadvantages of FORCE INDEX

You can read this article:

Does this mean that we should always use a Force Index hint?

Is there a material that can drain or lessen Force powers?

In Star Wars canon, is there a material that can drain or lessen Force powers?For example, if a Force wielder was in a room built of this material, their Force powers would be lessened, so they would not be able (or would be severely less able) to preform Force powers such as Force pulls/pushes, lightning or chokes.

Has any Dark Force user/ally ever said “May the Force be with you”?

This saying/blessing seems to me just as applicable for someone allied with the Dark Force as a Light Force ally as the statement appears to be Force-neutral.By Dark Force user, I mean it (or similar words) being said in the business of Dark Force-leaning activity, not someone who may have said it as a Light Force user and then went to the Dark Side (and never said afterwards).

Are only Force Sensitives able to see Force Ghosts?

Alternatively, is there any canon incidence of Force Ghosts appearing to people who are not trained force sensitives?After Luke has spent some time on his own practicing his Force powers, and at a time when he was mentally receptive (near death, recently having used the Force) he was able to see Ben, but was not able to converse with him.

How is it decided when a child is born with the force?

Is the Force just a natural thing in that galaxy that is passed down genetically, or do the 'ones' choose who has the Force?Luke inherits his Force ability from Anakin, but what is the case when a Force sensitive child is born into a non-Force sensitive family?