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Grafana Date Picker for MySQL query variable

In Grafana I have a table that is populated by a MySQL query like this:

SELECT col1, col2 FROM Table
WHERE StartDate = subdate(current_date, 1);

Effectively this gives me the results from the rows related to yesterday.I want to have a date picker that defaults to yesterday, but that a user can select any date they want.

Grafana: global variables to access [from,to] values of the time range

I am doing some tests with a MySQL data-source and make use of the timefilter inside the SQL query:

// my query goes here.WHERE $__timeFilter(time_start);

which generates something like the following:

WHERE time_start >= FROM_UNIXTIME(1505207821) AND time_start <= FROM_UNIXTIME(1505229421);

Are there any variables that can give me access to the 2 timestamps that define the time range?

Ways to connect mongodb to grafana

My question is different ways to connect mongodb with grafana

Link for reference?Right now grafana doesn't support MongoDB as a data source Using mongoDB as back-end repository

But they offer a workaround grafana simple json data source

Mysql monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana

I need to monitor Mysql using Prometheus and Grafana;

Added mysqld exporter in the client server

while starting the mysqld in the client server it reports as :

time="2017-09-05T11:42:53Z" level=info msg="Error scraping slave state: dial tcp [::1]:3306: getsockopt: connection refused" file="mysqld_exporter.go" line=824
time="2017-09-05T11:42:53Z" level=info msg="Error scraping table schema: dial tcp [::1]:3306: getsockopt: connection refused" file="mysqld_exporter.

error on starting grafana service

I also have a mysql database version 5.when I want to start grafana-server service, it gives me this error:

Fail to initialize orm engine" logger=sqlstore error="Sqlstore::Migration
failed err: this user requires old password authentication.

No response from Grafana via AJAX

I have Grafana set up in a Docker container (grafana/grafana image from Docker repo) with port 3000 forwarded to my localhost.1'
image: grafana/grafana
- 3000:3000

Originally I also have link to Graphite and some volumes and environment configuration (GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD only) but I suppose it does not matter.

Recover configuration of Grafana-docker persistent volume?

I did a Grafana-docker deployment with persistent storage as said in their GitHub for doing tests for my company.I would recommend the following solution:

$ docker volume create grafana-storage

$ docker volume ls
local grafana-storage

This is created in /var/lib/docker/volumes/grafana-storage on UNIX.

Integration of Granfana into React Web Application

I want to integrate grafana into my react web application for analytics purpose.I want something through which I can redirect to grafana dashboard with credentials by surpassing the grafana login page , means direct dashboard page should be displayed of logged in user of grafana.