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Federate grafana with apache2 + mod_auth_mellon to have SSO with SAML

Trying to implement SSO ( Single SIgn On ) with Okta as IdP and I followed the next steps:

Install apache2 + mod_auth_mellon
Install grafana on the same host
Enable required apache2 modules like headers, authzn_core &
authz_user and so on…
Generate metadata & configure mod_auth_mellon
Configure Grafana.xml
MellonEndpointPath /grafana
MellonPostDirectory "/var/cache/mod_auth_mellon_postdata"
ProxyPass /grafana http://127.

Ways to connect mongodb to grafana

My question is different ways to connect mongodb with grafana

Link for reference?Right now grafana doesn't support MongoDB as a data source Using mongoDB as back-end repository

But they offer a workaround grafana simple json data source