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Haskell :: Finding Min and Max for a set of Tuple

Here the code goes:

fFindMinMax :: (Ord a, Ord b, Ord c, Ord d) => [(a, b, c, d)] -> (Double,Double,Double,Double,Double,Double)
fFindMinMax [(_, x, y, z)] = (minimum x, maximum x, minimum y, maximum y, minimum z, maximum z)

And the errors come for maximum x, maximum y and maximum z.First attempt

First of all, your current pattern:

fFindMinMax [(_, x, y, z)] =.

interview Bit indentation error

So I was trying to solve this array problem on the InterviewBit but I can't pass the test phase because of the indentation error

Sorry: IndentationError: unindent does not match any outer indentation level (, line 2)

And I checked every line, and ensures there's no space but only tabs in-between.

Calculating standard deviation in Haskell

I'm trying to write an equation to find the standard deviation of a list of integers in Haskell and after wracking my brain for an hour, I think I've figured out how to write the equation.It's giving me errors though and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Testing haskell functions that return errors

Hi I have a similar to the following haskell function

test :: Int -> Bool
test 1 = error "shouldnt have been 1"
test 2 = error "shouldnt have been 2"
test 11 = error "shouldnt have been 11"
test 77 = error "shouldnt have been 77"
test _ = True

I have a testing scheme to test bad inputs to make sure they return the correct error

tc1 = test 1
tc2 = test 2
tc3 = test 11
tc4 = test 77

allTests = [tc1, tc2, tc3, tc4]

But the problem is that when I run allTests in ghci, I only get the first error.I would like to have a list of all the errors

How can this be done or some way I can catch the errors?

violation of Haskell indentation rules for if-then-else

According to the Haskell indentation rules, "Code which is part of some expression should be indented further in than the beginning of that expression".According to the indentation rule, the then block is a part of the same expression in the first line, so it should be indented further than its previous line.

Sitecore rich text editor stripping indentation

When I pretty-format HTML in Sitecore 8, with proper indentation to allow easy maintenance, the Telerik rich text editor apparently strips out the indentation on save (or something else does).Is there some way to disable this automatic whitespace stripping?

Is indentation in Haskell like in Python?

hs:6:9: error:
parse error (possibly incorrect indentation or mismatched brackets)
6 | |n<=1 = b | ^


fib :: Integer -> Integer
fib n = fib_help n 0 1
where fib_help n a b
|n<=1 = b
|otherwise fib_help (n-1) b (a+b)

Note: I am writing the code in Notepad++ and I have changed the settings so that when I TAB it created 4 whitespaces instead of a tab character (like it should be I guess)

No, Haskell indentation is not like Python.For example:

fib n = fib_help n 0 1
where fib_help n a b
|n<=1 = b
|otherwise = fib_help (n-1) b (a+b)


fib n = fib_help n 0 1
fib_help n a b
|n<=1 = b
|otherwise = fib_help (n-1) b (a+b)


fib n = fib_help n 0 1 where
fib_help n a b
|n<=1 = b
|otherwise = fib_help (n-1) b (a+b)

Two things:

You need to line up the pipes to occur after the helper function starts.