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Display clock in listbox item?

Is it possible to display a watch among the listbox items?The point is that I can switch (if I select it in the listbox) between eg a clock and another string in the listbox and display it for example in some label in my form.

Python 3 - Getting amount of items in Listbox widget

Is there a way to retrieve a value of the amount of items in a Listbox widget?Such as len() is used for a list, but it cannot be used for Listbox as it gives the following error:

if len(listbox)==0:
TypeError: object of type 'Listbox' has no len()

To get the number of items in a listbox, you can do:


Access Dynamics CRM Party List field from PowerApps

We are trying to develop an alternative to CRM Dialogs which Microsoft are soon to deprecate.Our current solution is being built on PowerApps because it gives us the flexibility of developing a responsive UI as well as creating a route for a process to pass giving users a step by step experience.