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Perl does assigning to pos trigger a copy?

# got: '0'
# expected: '1'
# Looks like you failed 2 tests of 7.sub consume {
my ($str_ref, $pat, $pos) = @_;
pos($$str_ref) = $pos;
my $out = undef;
if ($$str_ref =~ $pat) {
$out = substr $$str_ref, $-[0], ($+[0] - $-[0]);
pos($$str_ref) = $+[0];
} else {
pos($$str_ref) = $pos;
return $out;

So, what's going on here?

Tokenizing and POS tagging in Python from CSV file

I am a newbie in Python and would like to do POS tagging after importing csv file from my local machine.---------------------------------------------------------------

In the end, I would like to save the desirable pos tagging results that I displayed above after importing the csv file.

The properties of Pos

Given $n\in\mathbb{N}$, and $f:\mathbb{N}^*\rightarrow \mathbb{N}$, let define $Pos$ as:

$$Pos(f)(n)= |\{x \leq n, f(x)=f(n)\}|$$

When given $n\in\mathbb{N}$, this function gives the 'position' of $n$ in the list of the elements of $f^{-1}(f(n))$.Therefore, $f$ injective $\Leftrightarrow Pos(f)=1_{\mathbb{N}}$,

and $f$ constant $\Leftrightarrow Pos(f)=Id$

One can show that $Pos(Pos(Pos(f))=Pos(f)$ for all $f\in\mathcal{F}(\mathbb{N}^*,\mathbb{N})$, and hence that $Pos\circ Pos$ is the identity on $Pos(\mathcal{F}(\mathbb{N}^*,\mathbb{N}))$

We obviously can define $Pos$ on smaller spaces, such as $\mathcal{F}([1,n],\mathbb{N})$.

float object has no attribute '__getitem__'


def entropy_cal(pos,neg):
entropy_target= -1 * ((pos)/(pos+neg) * math.average(training[:,i]))
neg = 0; pos = 0
for i in range(9999):
if training[i,6] == 0:
neg += 1
pos += 1
entropy_target = entropy_cal(pos, neg)

return entropy_target, attr_mean


File "q3.

word2vec on POS tags

Instead of getting POS tag vectors I am just getting vectors of alphabets in POS.g instead of getting POS tags vectors CC,DT,PRP etc I am getting vectors of C,D and P.