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why do academics write peer reviews?

I am sure there is more to it but I do not see what they gain by participating in peer review process.I think academics are paid to perform peer review, in the same sense that they are paid to do research.

Are books peer-reviewed?

I am unsure for books but I know for certain that selected journal articles are peer-reviewed.)

Do books go through a peer-review process?

Thesis peer review “service”

There are a lot of post about peer review of papers, but how about graduate/undergraduate thesis?Is there somewhere on the vast internet, where one can submit his thesis for a peer review.

Can we compare peer-to-peer loans to savings accounts?

A common argument to get involved in peer-to-peer lending (at companies like Lending Club, Prosper, Peerform etc.) is that savings accounts have an ROI that may be even lower than inflation, thus you should invest your money at a Peer-to-peer loan platform to put the money you could be losing to inflation at use.

Ionic Peer to Peer

Does Ionic support peer to peer on both Android and iOS platforms?Looking for hybrid or plugin support for iOS Mulitipeer Connectivity and Android WiFi Direct.