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“Make a score of”

Besides for telling the score on a test (as in "He made a score of 88 out of 100 on the test"), can the phrase "to make a score of" be used to describe the score in a soccer/association football match?For example:

England made a score of two goals to zero.

Do I not have a credit score?

On the "Score" tab of the page, it was completely blank, not a single word.You can't get your credit score for free, just the report with the information the score is based on.

ROC on both a composite measure and sub-measures

So from the questionnaire I get 9 measures that are inter-related:

X (composite good-looking score) = factor Analysis from Face Score & Body Score

Face Score = Eyes Score + Lips Score + Cheeks Score

Body Score = Belly Score + Legs Score + Hands Score

Something that is important to us is:
1.Then for each feature, decide whether that feature is "good" or "bad"-looking eg.

Load, save high score on second view controller

The gameOverViewController is like a normal game over screen that shows your score, high score and has retry and main menu button.I am trying to:

if score > high score , high score = score
if score < high score, high score remains same

var addOne = 0
class SecondViewController: UIViewController

@IBOutlet weak var score: UITextField!