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Pade approximation of a rational function

So suppose I have two rational functions $R_1(x)$ and $R_2(x)$, i.Next, suppose that $R_1(x)$ is fixed and I want to approximate $R_1(x)$ with $R_2(x)$ where the polynomials in $R_2(x)$ have strictly lower degree, i.

semi-continuity of sheaves

Suppose $i: Y\subset X$ is a closed subvariety of a variety $X$.Suppose there is an exact sequence of coherent sheaves on $X$:
0\rightarrow A \rightarrow B\rightarrow i_*C\rightarrow 0

Suppose $C$ is locally free on $Y$.

How far is Lindelöf from compactness?

Then, $X$ is compact if and only if $X^{\kappa}$ is Lindelöf for any cardinal $\kappa$.So suppose that we have a space $X$ that is not compact, but
$X^{\omega_1}$ is Lindelöf.