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Running websockets in my device

I am doing a sample react-native application in which I use web sockets.So, I am running the server in localhost 3000 it works fine in simulator but when running on physical device it is not connecting.

How to start pm2 with arguments?

I have a simple command that works fine when run:

parse-dashboard --config /home/ubuntu/dash/config.json

However, when running it with pm2, it doesn't work:

pm2 start parse-dashboard -- --config=/home/ubuntu/dash/config.

What sort of data type should I use to communicate with my server?

The chat application allows you to message individual contacts, it works by using a string which looks like this:

"INSTRUCTION=message&CLIENT_FROM=Archie&CLIENT_TO=Friend&MESSAGE=Hello there friend!I understand that you can use SSL sockets, however for the school project using my own way of encrypting the data gives me "more marks" as I can talk about encryption.

Qt multiple key holds KeyReleaseEvent, KeyPressEvent not triggering

I have a program where for example if I hold down W then D everything works fine, however if I then release D it seems KeyPressEvent or KeyReleaseEvent do not trigger for w, I have checked this using qDebug, this occurs for any sequence of keys as long as they are pressed and depressed in the order specified above.But it seems that Renderarea is still being called somehow.

Why can't I specify TestAdaptersPaths in my runsettings file?

I'm working on getting NUnit tests running pre-deploy to Azure so I built an application to run tests:

When I run this on my own PC everything works correctly, 3 unit tests pass and one fails (as I expect should happen, I'm testing Environment AppSettings)

However when I deploy to Azure I get the error: Invalid settings 'RunConfiguration'.