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Word to describe a computer system that is more error accepting?

I am looking for a word to describe a computer system or program or software that allows more erroneous inputs while still running fine instead of hanging easily.This is a _______ system

This software is more _______

"Robust" is sometimes used to convey the system behavior you describe, with the positive connotation.

Is there a word to describe this linguistic error?

Francis Galton originally used the term "regression to mediocrity" to refer to the phenomenon that children of very tall parents were on average less tall.Today, "regression" is used to describe a particular statistical model in which data is distributed around a mean.

How to add number of failed line in mocha stacktrace?

I write tests with mocha and webdriverio.When test failed, I see:

1) my-test: describe:
element ("test") still not existing after 20000ms

I want to see something like:

1) my-test: describe:
element ("test") still not existing after 20000ms
Error: expected element exist
at context.

Syntax for filters for aws rds describe-db-instances

When we run the command using filters we are getting the error:

C:\Program Files\Amazon\AWSCLI>aws rds describe-db-instances \
--filters Name=instance-state-name,Values=running

An error occurred (InvalidParameterValue) when calling the
DescribeDBInstances operation: Unrecognized filter name: instance-state-name.What is the correct syntax for using filters for aws rds describe-db-instances?