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Odd thread behaviors

The other thread can by chance only mange to set permission to 1 or 0, but not manage to produce output yet.In which case it appears as if the first thread ran two full rounds.

pass vs. make the rounds

Although I know what making the rounds means, in fact, considering the sentence, I am wondering what is the difference between the followings?pass

make the rounds

make the rounds also do the rounds

Advice on two-tier cake and height

What is the recommended height of cakes when making a two-tier chocolate mud cake?Or to get a decent height, should I make (as an example) two shallow nine-inch rounds for the bottom layer and two shallow seven-inch rounds for the top layer?

A Combinatorial Game: the Snake and the Hunter

The Snake and the Hunter is a game for two players who play in two rounds interchanging the roles of snake and hunter.The round finishes when no further lengthening of the snake is possible, at which point the length of the snake, i.

Non-mathematician submitting to top maths journal? [closed]

There were a couple of rounds of constructive criticism, after which he tells me he thinks it ought to go a "top" journal (his phrase, and he went on to name two).Surely a "non-mathematician submitting to top mathematical journal" must instantly rank high on the crackpot scale.

why is AM = BP$\cdot$ NP???

Consider AM the class of languages with an interactive proof with public coins of two rounds (known as Arturo-Merlin proof).We say $L\le_r M$ if there is a probabilistic Turing machine $P$ s.