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Downloading youtube videos using python's subprocess

If I do this cmd :

youtube-dl -i -w "ytsearch:funny animals"

Then it will successfully download the first video file with query name funny animals but when I wrote the same thing using python code

from subprocess import call

command = 'youtube-dl -i -w ytsearch:funny animals'
call(command.split(), shell=False)

It downloads funny instead of funny animals.

youtube-dl log output file name record php

Currently I am able to run the youtube-dl from a php script that downloads a youtube file and renames it as the video there an option that i could create an activity log so it would indicate which youtubeID and file name of each youtube video?

youtube-dl taking only first letter of URL?


As far as I can see, it appears that my script is taking the first letter out of my URL.Set --default-search "ytsearch" (or run youtube-dl "ytsearch:h" ) to search YouTube
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\tyler\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\youtube_dl\YoutubeDL.

Resuming interrupted download list in YouTube dl

I am downloading a course from udemy which have 258 videos, using
youtube-dl -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD UDEMY-Course-URL

And now I have got an error at 5 out of 258
Error : unable to download video data :
I need to resume this download

I don't know coding at all so plz help with resuming this download

Simply run youtube-dl again.It will automatically resume any downloads.

youtube-dl Script to add metadata to already downloaded files

I have a directory of files that I downloaded without metadata using youtube-dl in the format "name-youtubeID" (the standard youtube-dl format).Could someone help me come up with a script in either bash or python what will take the youtube ID part of the filename and place it at the end of the youtube-dl command line for every file in that directory so that I can add the metadata for those files?

Batch macro not working

I'm trying to create a batch program (here called pldl) to make downloading a playlist of songs with youtube-dl easier, the program is

youtube-dl -o "%(playlist_index)s.list=PLSdoVPM5WnndV_AXWGXpzUsIw6fN1RQVN"

E:\Path\To\Music>youtube-dl -o "(title)s.